Monday, July 13, 2009

"You like the theatre? You're a fag."

As I was laying in my bed last night, I was just thinking about a number of different things.. and one thing occured to me.

How exactly did the world of theatre get an automatic association with homosexuals? It's just another form of entertainment, just like movies or TV. Why is it that theatre got the connection with homosexuals out of all the forms of entertainment? In the group of people that I do theatre with, I know a good majority of them are athletes, and are completely heterosexual.

Now, don't get me wrong, this isn't denoting homosexuals in any sense, saying that they are better or worse than heterosexuals, rather than questioning how such a label put on the group. A lot of people who aren't interested in theatre are quick to say that people in theatre are gay.. but has anyone ever bothered to ask why this is? If were going to jump to such conclusions, why not just say that anyone who watches movies or TV is gay, because that would be appropriate. These people who jump on theatre-goers backs and are quick to call them gay, are the same people who call actors like Matt Damon their favorites. Little do they know, Matt Damon started his acting career right on the high school stage at St. Johns prep.

To me, it's truely mind-boggling how ignorant some people can be. Speaking from a personal experience, I've had people who I've become friends with tell me that they think the theatre is gay, yet love other forms of entertainment like movies and TV. I love the theatre, and yet I'm totally comfortable with my sexuality (I'm heterosexual). The fact is, that all of these means of art are all doing the same thing: telling a story. Of course there are homosexuals who love the theatre, and they have every right to. But there are also homosexuals who love movies and television as well, so if you're going to be quick to slap a label on people who like theatre as "fags," then you should probably slap the label on yourself as well, too.. because chances are you love at least one form of entertainment as well. And, if you are homosexual, and you love the theatre, then good for you! You should be free to do anything you please, as anyone should, without being stereotyped.


  1. Hell yeah! It is weird to think of how this standard of theater being gay even got started. Perhaps it's a social scene sort of thing or maybe it has something to do with makeup and costumes of theater...or the concept of musical theatre being less than masculine. Who knows?

  2. Those make sense.. I think it is the concept of the costumes and makeup. Some people just aren't comfortable enough to put themselves out there like people on the stage do. Truth be told, you might as well be standing on the stage completely naked, cause thats how you're being judged, and I think some people just have trouble grasping the concept. It's ignorance.

  3. Oh my God, I so agree with you there. Watch this.

  4. You should move to California (specifically the SF bay area). I've totally straight and been in SF for 2 years, and am in love with this city (dare I say it's been a romance?). You'd fit right in and wouldn't even ask this question.